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CF.Architects: A reference for rewarding design

At CF.Architects our projects are as exciting and diverse as our clients themselves and as such we do not predetermine a design approach. Our approach is to understand what is right for each project. We listen, we discuss and we design to solve problems. We find this approach is as rewarding for us as it is for you.

Our success in delivering projects also involves listening to and engaging everybody involved including the wider community who will use and see our work.

We are a highly experienced team and can draw on a large portfolio of successful projects to inform this approach. Our previous senior positions in global, award-winning practices have given us the experience needed to work on a wide variety of projects at any scale.

Delivering high quality outcomes for every client requires a deeply committed and happy work force. From the outset our ethos has been to include and involve staff at all levels. It is an approach that serves us all and rewards our collective effort.

Industry and client needs are ever-changing and we need to do the same. We stay at the forefront of industry thinking and have a rich network of people with whom we collaborate. This enables us to scale and expand our services as needed.

Our studios are based in beautiful locations in Surrey and Kent both within 45minutes of central London on the national and international rail networks and adjacent to the M20/M25 motorways. We utilise the latest IT infrastructure to seamlessly connect the offices and all who are working with us.

This overall approach has been carefully considered to cover all facets of our business and to realise the benefits it can bring to all involved including those who we work for, those who work with us, how we work and where we work.

We believe you will find it rewarding working with us.


1. refer to;
2. an abbreviation of confer, literally meaning "bring together”;
3. founded by Christian & Felix