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Moorside – Masterplan

CF.Architects have been selected as finalists for a national RIBA competition to master plan a site in Whitehaven, Cumbria to house the 6000 construction workers needed for the new Moorside nuclear power station project to be built by Nugen.


Located next to Sellafield which is currently being decommissioned, the new power station will provide 4GW of energy to provide a significant proportion of the country’s future energy needs.


Linked to this project an additional 6GW of clean renewable energies including, tidal and offshore wind, will make the Cumbrian Energy coast capable of contributing a total of 10GW of clean energy in total.


Our message “Choose Cumbria” encapsulated the opportunity of this project to be a trailblazer in sustainable design, with a true lasting legacy to allow the buildings to be adapted into a variety of permanent uses including residential, student and commercial.


A new community was planned which would be used for several years by the construction workforce until being easily adapted into a village extension of the town of Whitehaven with transport, community and leisure facilities,


The spaces are landscaped in anticipation of a reduction in private self-driven car use in the future. Transport and energy needs will change dramatically during the course of the project and these have been anticipated from the outset.