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Pilgrim Spring, Folkestone

Working with Moat housing association, we are developing a prototype housing concept to provide much needed temporary accommodation to local authorities across the South East of England.


The prototype can be readily applied to difficult sites for example flood plains where permanent housing is not suitable.


The system is based on modular construction units which will arrive on site fully fitted internally and with the externally cladding installed.


The communal areas including access walkways, stairs and other ancillary items will also be constructed as a ‘kit of parts’ which can easily be assembled and disassembled in the future to allow the housing to be transported to other sites and reconfigured.


The aim is to minimise any on site trades so that the build is truly prefabricated, maximising the quality and durability of current off-site construction techniques.


It is intended this provides a much-needed solution to a very real and growing problem in the current housing crisis and help to remove vulnerable people from being housed in expensive, substandard Bed and Breakfast accommodation into new, fit for purpose, safe and welcoming homes.