Gasholder Bases

  • Project Type: Commercial
  • Client: National Grid
  • Status: Shortlisted
  • Location: Nationwide

Our RIBA Competition entry for the development of redundant gasholder bases for the National Grid was one of six shortlisted.

Described as “an intriguing and unique concept providing a view of the future and a convincing structural solution” by the judging panel, our concept explores how clean energy, battery storage and full vehicle automation will allow our future housing to be planned for people rather than cars.

The arrival of automation

The arrival of autonomous vehicles will bring about an opportunity to replan our cities; by eliminating the need for on-site parking in housing developments, the amount of housing can be maximised in green, car-free communities.

Our proposal invisages the redundant gasholder bases as storage units for driverless electric cars which can be recharged by batteries stored within the core and basement levels of the gasholders.

Generating and storing clean energy

The central core supports a lightweight PV canopy and storage / charging levels in an efficient radial plan forming a continous helical structure. The funnel acts as a collector for rainwater and core acts as a two-way vertical distribution conduit for charging.